April showers bring floods and potential house damage… okay, that may not be how the rhyme goes, but it comes hand in hand with those May flowers we are all waiting for. As winter dissipates and spring takes its place, increased rainfall and high winds bring their dangers to homeowners. Water damage is something homeowners should be on the lookout. Here are two of the most common sorts of storm damage that Pulliam Restoration can respond to day or night.

Residential Flooding

Flooding in the spring can come from several different sources. Rainfall traditionally increases in the spring months. Rainfall can beat on roofs weakened by age/wind damage or pool around the house, looking for places to sneak in. Sewers and creeks easily overflow during vigorous rainstorms. Improper drainage can cause water to pool around your home. Make sure spouting is clear of debris and has somewhere for the water to flow away from your home. Standing gutter water can leak into your attic or crawlspace, causing flooding or at the least, mold. Basements are also at risk as water sits around the foundation of your home and can work into cracks in the brickwork and holes in the foundation.

High Winds

Wind is also on the rise in spring. Wind mostly will do damage to the exterior of your home, pulling at loose gutters or shutters. However, it can also loosen shingles or drop things on your roof causing small or large holes for water to drip down. Water damage to your roof is serious, occurring slowly over time; mold has time to grow, and walls can weaken before you ever see a water spot. In the event of high winds, be sure and check your house’s interior and exterior for potential leaks.

What do I do next?

If damage occurs during spring storms, remove anything that may be in standing water. Wipe off solid surfaces such as countertops and walls. Set up fans to dry fabrics and carpets. Be very careful if you walk into standing water. Don’t walk into the water if it comes from sewage. Sewage water can carry germs which could be dangerous to your health. If you have to, be sure and wear rubber boots and make minimal contact with your skin. Paper products that have gotten wet should be transferred to a cold and damp area until Pulliam Restoration can professionally restore them. Place buckets under dripping ceilings and try to locate the beginning of the leak if you can do so safely. Be careful in crawlspaces as ceilings may be weakened by rain and age.

Whether high winds or high waters, Pulliam Restoration can restore your home and belongings. Protect yourself this spring by allowing water a place to flow other than into your house. Be proactive and check your home after heavy storms and protect it before they come. If you do experience damage to your home or property, call Pulliam Restoration 24/7 at 803-785-5426.