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Water Damage Aiken SC

Water-related disasters can cause significant damage to your home or business in Aiken SC. Whenever there is standing water or any level of water damage Aiken, responding immediately is the best way to minimize damages. If left unattended, the water will continue to cause more and more damage. In addition, water damage Aiken can lead to mold and mildew buildup on your property. Pulliam Restoration is here 24/7 to help you deal with water damage restoration needs in Aiken, South Carolina.

24/7 Water Damage Restoration Services

Large-scale water damage Aiken can be very stressful and disheartening. But no matter the extent of the damages, Pulliam Restoration’s trained and certified water damage technicians will work diligently to save your property and many of your most valued personal items.

One inch of water can cause $25,000 in damage.


The Water Damage Cleanup Process

When your property is impacted by a water-related disaster, the damage can be hidden for a significant amount of time before you notice it. Water can accumulate beneath flooring and behind walls, breaking down vital structural materials in your home or business.

Pulliam Restoration is able to diagnose and address the water damage Aiken so that you can rest easy knowing that everything is taken care of the first time.

Every water damage Aiken case is different, but generally, we take the following steps:

When you call Pulliam Restoration, we will send one of our technicians to conduct a thorough survey of your property and assess the extent of water damage Aiken. We use advanced moisture detection equipment to find water damage that may be hidden or difficult to access.

We provide professional water extraction services, removing trapped water from carpets, hardwood floors, and building materials. We also remove damaged small items and take them to our contents restoration facility. Finally, we will work to clean up all debris and irreversibly damaged building materials.

Pulliam Restoration uses professional-grade air blowers and dehumidifiers to get every last drop of water out of your home. As we dry your property, we will be regularly checking the dryness level of the different affected materials to ensure that they are dried to their pre-disaster condition.

Because water-related disasters can spread damage, along with bacteria and debris, extensive cleaning is needed to restore your property. A deep and thorough cleaning will prevent any standing water smells or potential mildew. Our services include carpet cleaning, sanitation, odor control, and more.

Water Damage Tips

There are a number of risks associated with water-related disasters, so the most important thing that you can do is to make sure you are safe. Water can carry harmful contaminants and cause major health problems.

Here are some steps to take if your house has water damage:

  1. Stop the flow: If there is a plumbing break, turn off the water main as quickly as possible to prevent further damage.
  2. Turn off the electricity: If water is building up in an area with exposed outlets or wiring, turn off the breaker for that room or the entire building.
  3. DO NOT ENTER STANDING WATER: When water is from a flood or sewage line, it can be extremely dangerous. Water can also electrocute you if it is in contact with a live current. Don’t touch water unless you know it’s safe.
  4. Call your insurance agent: Let them know you have had water damage and begin the claim process immediately.
  5. Document the damage: Your insurance company will want thorough documentation of all water damage to your home, as well as a copy of all restoration bills.
  6.  Call Pulliam Restoration: Call our water damage restoration experts and get the cleanup process started as soon as possible to decrease the likelihood of secondary damage.

Certified Water Damage Restoration Company

Pulliam Restoration is certified by the IICRC, one of the leading names in the restoration industry. This means we carry out every restoration project to the highest standards of professionalism. We will get your restoration job done right the first time and save you the headache of secondary damage popping up down the road.

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Aiken SC

Aiken, South Carolina

With just over 30 thousand residents, Aiken is the largest city in Aiken County and one of the two largest cities of the Central Savannah River Area. Founded in 1835, Aiken was named after William Aiken, the president of the South Carolina Railroad. It became part of Aiken County when the county was formed in 1871 from parts of Orangeburg, Lexington, Edgefield, and Barnwell counties. Aiken was given the title of “best small town of the South” by Southern Living.

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