The unfortunate truth is that water damage to your home is inevitable. While you may already be on the lookout for common causes of water damage such as an overflowing sink or burst pipe, some are not as obvious. Many property owners neglect their landscaping as a means of preventing water damage. Today, we explore a few tips to help you waterproof your home from the outside in.

How Does Landscaping Prevent Water Damage?

When the skies unleash and the ground is saturated with water, it can only absorb so much. After a certain point, the excess moisture will collect and run off following a downhill trajectory. The problem comes in when this run off encounters something in its path and soaks it. If your landscaping is not up to par, it could be your home or other structures that are hit with water.

By utilizing certain landscaping designs and elements, you can often prevent water damage to the home and surrounding installations.

How to Use Landscaping to Prevent Water Damage

Although the weather is out of your control, you have some say in the lay of the land. Use these tips to ensure your landscaping is helping rather than hurting.

Landscaping Tips for Your Yard

  • Design all landscaping to slope at least ten feet away from your home.
  • Construct paths for water that drain away from the house, not towards it.
  • Clear debris from drainage ditches, vents, and pipes.
  • Channel gutters and downspouts away from the base of the property. Repair these fixtures as needed.
  • Cut back trees and shrubs close to the house as these can cause water to drain from the plant and down the outside of the structure.
  • Grade the yard

Landscaping Tips for your Driveway

Don’t overlook your driveway or patio when it comes time to assess the efficacy of your landscaping.

  • Slope the driveway away from the house to run off.
  • Mitigate water build up by installing channel drains around driveways and patios. These are built into the concrete to catch water before it collects.

A Little Landscaping Can Go A Long Way

We know that as a property owner, you’re likely already very busy. As such, it can be easy to overlook landscaping. However, this mistake can be costly and detrimental to the integrity of your home. We hope these tips help prevent water damage, but should you ever need us, Pulliam Restoration is here 24/7/365 to provide fast and effective water restoration services.