commercial emergency response plan

Commercial Emergency Response Plan

No commercial operation is immune to natural disasters. However, having an emergency preparedness plan for your business and priority restoration status protects you from the consequences of any emergency you can imagine. Pulliam Restoration is your trusted partner for creating a disaster preparedness plan for fast emergency recovery when you need it most.

We evaluate your property to gather the required information necessary to implement an effective disaster mitigation plan. This prepares you for the worst, ensuring that no time is wasted. With your commercial emergency response plan on file, Pulliam Restoration meets your needs with the right equipment and expertise. We guarantee that members of our Commercial Emergency Response Plan Program receive the first emergency restoration services after a disaster, no matter how severe.

Commercial Emergency Response Program

Schedule a thorough and professional assessment of your emergency preparedness plan and guarantee priority response during catastrophic events. Join at no expense to you!

The True Costs of Being Unprepared

After a major storm, fire, flood, or other emergency, a fast response helps to minimize the impact of the disaster, as well as the costs. Having a Commercial Emergency Response Plan in place ensures that Pulliam Restoration is familiar with your property and its unique needs for restoration. Failing to plan can leave business owners crippled with the overwhelming stress, money, and time required to get back on your feet.  Here are the true costs of being unprepared in the event that you require commercial emergency restoration:

commercial emergency response plan
  • Further damage.

Restoration expenses compound with each passing second. Secondary damages such as mold growth, smoke damage, wind and water damage from a compromised roof, or structural collapse are all real possibilities.

  • Costly downtime.

To make money, your doors need to be open for business. Slow response times or delay in securing restoration services means that you extend the downtime of your commercial operation.

  • Losing employees.

Your employees trust you to look out for their best interests. If you experience a disaster that impacts your workforce, you run the risk of your employees leaving to look for other work. Being prepared is an investment in your staff.

  • Losing it all.

Running a business is already a tough job. Lacking a commercial emergency plan introduces the possibility that your business is unable to recover after a disaster. FEMA reports indicate that 40-60% of small businesses never recuperate.

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Our Commercial Emergency Response Plan Participants

Trust Pulliam Restoration for all of your commercial restoration needs, especially with creating a Commercial Emergency Response Plan. We iron out the details so that you can focus on serving your clients. No matter the type of emergency you have, Pulliam Restoration is the most trusted restoration and cleaning company for commercial operations in Columbia, South Carolina. Pulliam Restoration proudly creates Commercial Emergency Response Plans for the following industries:

Government Buildings

commercial emergency response plan

Industrial & Warehouses

emergency response plan

Educational Facilities

commercial emergency response plan

Professional & Office Buildings

commercial emergency response plan


commercial emergency response plan


commercial emergency response plan


commercial emergency response plan

Your Business

commercial emergency response plan

Commercial Emergency Response Plan FAQ

Emergencies and disasters don’t occur daily. However, when they do hit, it is always best to be prepared. Here are the most common frequently asked questions about the Commercial Emergency Response Plan.

To properly prepare your business for an emergency, you need an emergency preparedness plan. This involves several components, including consulting with restoration experts to assess potential risks and give preparedness guidelines; training your employees to delegate responsibilities, identifying evacuation routes, implementing safety protocols, and distributing an emergency communication plan. Monitor all alerts to minimize the damage and take pro-active steps to protect the premises, such as tarping the windows, installing sandbags and flood panels, etc.

Commercial operations face the potential for a variety of emergencies, ranging from security breaches and lawsuits to hurricanes, tornados, and floods. The key is to look at each possible situation as viable and worthy of adequate prevention and mitigation planning. Partnering with Pulliam Restoration allows you priority access to emergency restoration services.

In the event of an emergency, remaining calm and collected is the best course of action. Participating in the Commercial Emergency Response Plan Program assists with this by offering detailed procedures for handling emergencies. Your Emergency Response Plan helps you:

  • Prevent injuries and fatalities.
  • Reduce damage to buildings, stock, equipment, and documents.
  • Minimize negative impacts on the environment and the community.
  • Return to normal operations as soon as possible.

Furthermore, disaster planning uncovers unrecognized hazards to your property and staff.

An effective emergency preparedness plan include actionable steps and measures that should be followed before, during, and after a disaster. This includes:

  • All potential emergencies and anticipated outcomes,
  • Necessary actions, procedures, and resources for each type of emergency.
  • Detailed lists of personnel and their responsibilities in case of emergency.
  • Floor plans and maps showing evacuation routes and service lines.

We recommend that you start with a vulnerability assessment. If you choose to register in our Commercial Emergency Response Plan Program, Pulliam Restoration will assist you with assessing any areas of concern to your property. Then, we provide practical recommendations to improve your disaster preparedness, free of charge.

Our Commercial Emergency Response Plan Program is free to you! We simply ask that we are your first emergency phone call in the event of a disaster.

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